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Programming and community engagement are at the core of our strategy. We invest heavily in supporting the development of integrated solutions and delivering reliable tools to those who need them most. Discover more about our innovative campaigns below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.

Shopping Basket


Our goal is to build hope.  One way we do this is by providing practically for those in need.  Eligible low-income families and individuals can apply for membership and  shop at our grocery store.  Many items are very low-cost and some are even free. Around a thousand shoppers visit our community grocery store each week.  Our friendly staff and volunteers are here to make our customers feel welcome. We stock a good range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, frozen products, as well as grocery items. Our customers are always excited to see what's new in store. 

Preparing Soup


The Daily Bread is a Nambour based soup kitchen operating two nights a week that feeds up to 60 people a night. 

The Daily Bread serves a three course meal each evening, complete with refreshments all cooked by dedicated volunteers; including three schools across the Sunshine Coast. 

Now with a team of 70 volunteers, the Daily Bread is continuing to fight hunger on our streets and make a difference in our city.

The Daily Bread motto is to give people a hand up, not simply a hand out. We are constantly looking at ways to link people with other community services as well, who can continue to offer support and assistance where needed. 

The Daily Bread runs on Monday and Wednesday nights between 5pm-6pm at 10 Sydney Street, Nambour.
We encourage volunteers to be at the hall by 4pm until 6.30pm. This gives us enough time for set up and pack down.

For more information, please email the Daily Bread team at

Fresh Vegetable in Basket


In 2015, Foodbank Queensland commissioned a report called ‘Hunger in the Classroom’. The report highlights the issues of children in Australia going to school with empty stomachs. This has a far reaching impact on children, their schools and the wider community. Suncoast Christian Care, through the generous support of our donors and Foodbank Queensland, is working  to meet this need in our community every day through our school pantry program. 

If your school would like to be a part of the Suncoast Christian Care School Pantry Program, please email our team at


Through State Government funding and donations of Suncoast Christian Care resources, we are able to practically help those in need who are referred to us from Centrelink, as well as other agencies on the Sunshine Coast. After an emergency relief assessment has been made, we may be able to provide immediate help through Suncoast Christian Care food/essentials vouchers or payment of utility bills.

(Please note, each case is individually assessed. See our team in store for any questions you may have, or to book an Emergency Relief appointment)

Chopping Vegetables


We rescue 220 tons of food each year from nine supermarkets, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable stores. Each year, approximately 50 tons of fruit and vegetables are donated to Suncoast Christian Care by local farmers. We also collect over 600 tons of various food items from Foodbank in Brisbane for distribution in our local community annually.



We are a highly successful ‘Job Seeker Host’, seeing many of our volunteers find work as a direct result of the experience they gain at Suncoast Christian Care. 

We provide a positive environment for all of our volunteers where they gain valuable skills through experiencing a genuine work setting.

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